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I started baking, after moving here from California in 2007.  My husband gave me the best gift ever!  His gift was time away from working a 9-5 job to find myself and to find something that I really wanted to do that would make me happy.  I am a designer at heart, but at the time I had no idea where this opportunity would take me.   I tried making jewelry, selling handbags, becoming a dog trainer,  and even wrestling!  It's interesting the paths that life take us down.  I began at home baking, I had one cupcake pan, a cookie sheet, a square glass dish, no mixer,  one mixing bowl and everything done by hand.  My first few attempts were not so good, and my children asked if daddy could cook!  I started baking more, and eventually they became excited when I did, this encouraged me more.  Today, I have more than one cupcake pan, but everything else is still done the same way, by hand.  Some advice my mom gave me, she said, "don't ever change what you do, it's your unique way of doing it."  Eventually, family, friends, and people I didn't even know started saying, "you should really market these", they're really good", but I think the best compliment is, "I usually don't eat sweets, but I'll eat this any time"!  A woman I didn't know tried my cupcakes, she said, "the reason why my cupcakes are so good is because they are baked with love,"  this is so true!  I love baking, it relaxes me, creating an awesome design stimulates my senses and then seeing my family, friends, and clients, enjoying a scrumptious, mouthwatering, decadent cake or cupcakes, it has become my lovin from the oven, a small piece of heaven, it is my passion and I love sharing it with you.!                       
Cathy Jackson Owner and Creator of "Sugalicious Cupcakes, Inc..Member of NAPW (National Association of Professional Women)Member of ICES (International Cake Exploration Societe')2013 Best of Pembroke Pines Award for Wedding Bakery (Pictured here with our Multi-talented son PJ)

November 2011, Sugalicious Cupcakes was born and incorporated in April, 201.2..the name came from our youngest son, C.J.,   Sugalicious Cupcakes, Inc., our COMPANY is family owned and operated.   We provide the freshest cupcakes, never frozen, or baked in advance, we only use the best ingredients, and always bake to order..          C.J. (Carl Jackson), is the youngest of our five children. C.J. is THE creator of  the name "Sugalicious Cupcakes" Thank you, C.J. ;)
  John David Jackson (My Husband)Former: Two Time World Champion Professional Boxer and currently : World famous Professional Trainer/Owner :  Action Jackson Boxing Academy, Inc. My husband, is the most talented and strongest person I know who chased his dreams all the way to the top.  He has always supported me, and given me strength to chase my dream.. Although, I didn't exactly understand what that meant, until now.......I love designing and baking, so put the two together voila, Sugalicious Cupcakes, Inc., designing beautiful cakes and cupcakes is rewarding, relaxing and most of all fun, I have finally found my passion!
Elizabeth "Liz" Rodriguez , My business partner is the newest addition to our leading crew ! We met at our last place of employment and to our belief this business and our friendship are the only reasons for our meeting, and with our talent joined as one we have come incredibly far and plan to go only farther! 
Thank you !
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